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Contact and support

Contact & support : ........ 1-700-70-53-53

International : +972 3 5446338

Fax : ............ 03-5446335

Mail : ............ info@bteva.co.il


1. Security and credit card use

We take all necessary precautions to ensure the security of all credit card transactions. Our website has been built with the most up-to-date technology available for uploading, protecting, encrypting, and securing the personal details of the customer. All information which B teva store website receives via subscriptions or in any other format is closely guarded by the secure server. No information will be transferred to any third party, with the sole exception of information which falls under the rubric of the store's legal obligations.

The above information not withstanding, one may  pay by fax or phone. The numbers are:

Fax:  + 972-3-5446335

Phone:  + 972-3-5446338

Free calls within Israel:  1-700-70-5353

2. Payment issues

The minumum amount for orders within Israel, not including shipping fees, is 80 NIS, and $20 for orders from abroad.

The following credit cards are accepted: 
MasterCard, Visa, Isracard, American Express.




American Express

Diners Club

NOTE: For greater security with credit card purchases, you will likely be asked to send a copy of your signature and a photo of your credit card. All further information requested can be sent via e-mail.

Missing information may cause your order to be canceled.

Checks (which require advance approval) are similarly accepted. Orders paid for by check will be shipped upon completion of the transfer of money to bteva account.
Checks should be written out to "B teva Ltd.", and mailed to: 
Tel aviv Ben yehuda185 street israel

* Those mailing from abroad, and especially from the U.S., should be careful to write "ISRAEL" in large letters and *after* the zip code in order to ensure that the check is not accidentally sent to Salt Lake City, Utah, or other cities in the world with the same zip code.

For further information contact us at  info@bteva.co.il  

3. Local deliveries: pricing and supply times

Deliveries within Israel can be executed in one of two ways, according to your preference:

1) Via registered mail to the post office closest to you
Deliveries via registered mail take 2-14 working days.
The maximum allowable weight, including packaging, is 20 kilograms (44 lbs).

2) Via a courier service, directly to your house
Deliveries via a courier service take 1-5 working days.
The maximum allowable weight, including packaging, is 15 kilograms (33 lbs).

Handling and shipping charges:

 within Israel Via registered mail:
Orders between 80-300 NIS cost 14.90 NIS
Orders over 300 NIS are free

When the order is shipped, you will receive e-mail notification.
The shipment can be tracked via the
Israeli Postal Authority's website.

Via courier service:
Orders between 80-400 NIS cost 29.90 NIS
(Orders over 400 NIS are free (lsrael Only

Couriers deliver to your house in the morning or afternoon.

Pricing changes and delivery times may change in the following circumstances:

1. Communities situated over the Green Line or in the periphery of the country

2. Use of 24-hour express delivery

In the above circumstances customers are requested to either call our service center at 03-5446334 or to send an e-mail to info@bteva.co.il.

4. International shipping: pricing and supply times

Products to be sent overseas will be shipped by dependable international companies with reputations for timely deliveries. To most countries delivery will be made within 3-10 working days.

There are a few countries to which shipment is unavailable due to export restrictions.

We recommend checking all relevant local customs laws before placing an order. In the event of a delay caused by customs authorities in the customer's country, all responsibility for taxes, fines, and (where applicable) cost of returning the delayed shipment, will fall solely on the customer. NOTE: Currently, Israeli customs charges NIS 34.90 on all returned shipments, i.e. approximately $10.00 U.S.

The cost for shipping abroad is $24.90, provided the total weight does not exceed 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs). Every additional kilogram adds another $6.00 to the total cost.

For further information contact us at  info@bteva.co.il  

5. Taxes and customs

All prices on bteva website include V.A.T. (Valued Added Tax). The current rate is 15.5%.
Those ordering from abroad will find prices adjusted without the V.A.T.
The charge for the shipment will be in Israeli Shekels, according to the international rate on the day of payment.

6. Returns

You can receive monetary reimbursement if you notify us within 3 days of receiving the shipment that you wish to return it.
Notification may be made via e-mail
info@bteva.co.il ).
The shipment should be returned to us within 21 days after arrival.

It is recommended to return the shipment via the same company that delivered it.

Please attach a note to any returned shipment. Only unopened items in their original packaging may be returned. After the returned items reach bteva, we require 10 days for inspection of items and reimbursement.

If there has been some error on the part of bteva, all expenses including shipping costs will be covered by the company, and the customer's account will be credited. In certain instances, bteva may choose to deduct from the reimbursement the total cost of shipping paid to the delivering company, and the cost of any products returned damaged or used.

Similarly, bank fees at the rate of 2.5% will be deducted from the cost of the shipment.

7. Items missing from shipment

In most cases, all items will be delivered from bteva warehouses. However, if an ordered item is not in stock, the shipment may be delayed up to 3 working days until it is received from the manufacturer.

In case it is impossible to supply one or more of the items in an order, notification will be sent via e-mail. The customer's account will not be debited until the entire order is completed.

8. Website updates

From time to time manufacturers change their packaging and/or their explanatory literature without notifying their distributors. bteva does not take responsibility for such changes.

Nevertheless, we strive to update our website with any new information we receive regarding our products.

bteva does not endorse any particular information, citations, or articles appearing on the website. Responsibility for selection and use of any product on the website is solely that of the customer.
Where relevant, one should seek the advice of one's personal doctor.


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